Tuesday, 2 June 2009

The Unsung hero behind the publication of our MPs expenses

I have already written two previous blogs about MPs expenses, so I will not repeat what I have already written. However, I think everyone should read the following article by Heather Brooke. She is a journalist for the Guardian newspaper, and led the Freedom of Information (FOI) request that has subsequently brought our government and democracy into such dishonour and disrepute.

MPs expenses - Heather Brooke

Her first had account of the scandal makes for breath-taking reading. At every turn, she faced obstruction, court appeals and deliberate time wasting. Reading her account must make every single member of the House of Commons (including the Speaker of the House) ashamed of themselves.

In my book, Heather Brooke is nothing short of a hero - and should be knighted for her contribution to democracy. Her perseverance to reveal the truth was only equalled by our MPs refusal to reveal it.

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