Thursday, 11 November 2010

Armistice Day marred by Muslim protesters

The rights and wrongs of battle don't matter to the broken hearts of those the fallen leave behind. Today was Armistice Day, and like many others around the country today, I paid my respects by taking part in a two minute silence at 11am.

Whatever you think of the rights and wrongs of war, past or present, today was not the time to show those objections.

It has sickened me to read reports of Muslims holding demonstrations. Muslims clashed with police after burning a large poppy in protest at Britain's wars in Iraq and Afghanistan which was timed to coincide with Armistice Day's two-minute silence.

Whatever you may think about the rights and wrongs of war, today was not the time to make those objections. Today was about showing your respects to all those past and present that had died.

I am tired of the way my country has to tip toe around these people for fear of offending them. Clearly they had no such compunction when they burned a poppy and interrupted today's peaceful remembrance celebrations.

The British have been tolerant enough. We will not put up with such disgusting and offensive behaviour forever.

To all those who took part in such protests today, let me tell you, all you achieved was to tell the rest of the world that you are the lowest of the low!


  1. I agree with what you are saying Dom, but we must also remember that this is a group of 'extremist' Muslims whose actions are putting the others into disrepute - as I have seen and heard a lot of comments about Muslims in the past 24 hours which tarnishes all Muslims with the same brush.

    I have Muslims within my family who have come to the UK legally, undertaken Citizenship tests and learnt English to a very high standard. They also like to take part in some of our customs (like putting up a tree at Christmas) to show how much they love England and how grateful they are to be here. It is a shame that the actions of a small minority can ruin it for them - as unfortunately - some people do think that all Muslims act in the same disrespectful way.

  2. Hey Vicky, just to clarify, I was targeting my blog at the extremists you mention. In my closing paragraph I refer "To all those who took part in such protests", and am therefore not generalising to Muslims as a whole.

    I agree with you Vicky, that the small but very vocal extremists seems to be those that are getting their voices heard and giving the vast majority a bad name. Since they continue to carry out such offensive protests, they are always going to grab the media's attention.

    Perhaps the solution therefore is to stop giving them the attention they so obviously crave. Maybe the media should stop reporting on their protests, or at least downplay them. While they continue to grab the media's headlines, there is little incentive for them to stop.