Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Help end the seal slaughter now!


The serene beauty of the ice floes will be shattered and the sparkling snow will be stained with blood and littered with carcasses as tens of thousands of baby seals are slaughtered in the largest massacre of marine mammals on the planet. 

You can help end the abuse and slaughter of defenceless animals, including Canada's seals, by supporting PETA today. By becoming part of our photo mosaic for just £10 or as much as you can afford, you can join our important demonstration against the seal slaughter and help PETA turn up the heat on Canada. 

The photo mosaic banner will be printed and used as part of an eye-catching demonstration outside the Canadian Embassy in London. You will also be able to see the photo mosaic taking form on our website, so be sure to check back often. 

Any donated funds left over after producing our latest seal slaughter campaign poster will help fund other aspects of PETA’s work to save animals from abuse and will be spent whenever the need is greatest. 

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