Saturday, 27 August 2011

Who wants to be happy?


When I'm asked the question "How are you", I generally reply with something along the lines of "I'm wonderful thanks", or something similar. People often look at me in a strange way when they hear such a positive response. It's as if being happy and positive is somehow strange or weird.

The underlying assumption of course, is that being average should be the norm. "Yeah, I'm okay thanks" or "Yeah I'm alright" being the usual responses to such a question.

To most people, being average is the norm, to be expected, and typical behaviour. Being more than average is somehow seen as strange. This is completely wrong headed thinking.

Most people simply don't get it. They don't think they have a choice, and go through life being passive in how they think and feel. Like a pin ball in a pin ball machine, they bounce from one situation to another, without ever taking control of their mood.

It is entirely possible to choose your mood. If you choose to be happy and positive, then guess what? You'll feel positive and happy. If you choose to be moody and negative, then guess what? You'll feel moody and negative.

If you wake up and tell yourself you're going to have a good day, the chances are you will.

There will always be times when you can't be in a positive frame of mind. Sometimes life deals you some terrible blows. No one can be in a good mood at all times. However, positive, happy people will bounce back far quicker than moody, negative people.

Imagine yourself on a really good day. A day when you are feeling energised, happy and positive. Imagine if you could feel like that nearly all of the time. Yes, even on a Monday morning. Wouldn't that be amazing?

Well, you can, but only if you want to. If you choose to. If that's what you want. 

If you do something for 14 days, it becomes a habit, and you can do it without having to consciously think about it. The same is true for your mood. If you wake up each day for 14 days, and be as positive as possible during that period of time, then the happy habit will have formed. You will have made the biggest difference to your life imaginable!

The difference between feeling happy and positive vs feeling moody and negative is simply a choice. 

So many people go through their lives being moody, negative and unhappy. I simply don't understand such people. Life is so short, why waste your precious time being anything other than happy and positive.

Happy, positive people aren't necessarily rich, or drive big cars or live in big houses. What sets them apart is that they are happy with what they have. 

They also tend to attract many friends. People like to be around them. Why wouldn't they? They're happy and positive after all.

Do you want to be happy? It's entirely your choice. Next time someone asks you "How are you?", make sure you reply with "Wonderful thanks", and mean it!




  1. If you genuinely have a reason to be happy all the time that's great but this simply cannot be the case all the time.

    You cannot make assumptions that people should be happy all the time either, you cannot be in a position to comment on an individual’s demeanour being detached from their circumstances, their reason for not being chipper all the time.

    We all have low moments at some point in life and it is simply unrealistic not to accept this. If you are responding positively all the time I think you are fooling yourself or covering something up and not facing up to reality.

    Honesty is the best policy here, if you are happy admit it, if not admit that. Often, if asked “How are you?”, responses like “Actually I’m feeling really shit” will completely throw the questioner, it’s like they expect you to answer with “Yeah really good thanks”.

  2. I made the point very clearly that it is unrealistic to be happy all the time, but that happy, positive people bounce back quicker than negative people.

    If you feel like shit, then there's nothing wrong in admitting it. But people with a higher propensity for positivity will feel like shit less frequently, and for shorter periods of time.

    Choose your mood and run with it.

    Next time, please read the article before commenting on it :-)