Friday, 7 January 2011

The 5 Ways of Being Positive

  • CHOOSE to be positive (the most important one)
  • Understand your IMPACT (we all have one, but few realise it's importance)
  • Take PERSONAL responsibility (give yourself greater control of your life)
  • Have BOUNCEBACKABILITY (we all get down, but get your bounce back quickly)
  • Set yourself HUGE goals (forget realistic, aim higher)

Positive psychology has identified these as the traits of the 2%ers. These are the people who have the most positive outlook on life. They are not necessarily the richest and have the best jobs. What they have is a positive attitude to life. Only 2% of the population live anywhere near close to their full potential. If you want to start reaching your full potential, and to become a better version of YOU, then start putting these traits into your daily life. After 7 days of doing something, it becomes a trait and a habit!

Do it today!!

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