Friday, 1 June 2012

What kind of excuse is “but I like eating meat and cheese”?


What in the hell kind of excuse is “but I like eating meat and cheese”? Life on this planet certainly doesn’t enjoy your consumption of meat and cheese. Animals do not enjoy being exploited, tortured and murdered so that you can enjoy consuming their flesh or bodily fluids. Your own posterity certainly isn’t going to thank you for placing your personal pleasure above future human continuance.

Some 2,500 gallons of water and 16 lbs. of grain are expended to produce just one lb. of beef whilst 40,000 human beings die of starvation and 6,000 succumb to poor water source related deaths, every single day. Over 20,000 of those dying humans are children…innocent children dying, each and every day.

Animal agriculture, which is directly responsible for 80% of all planetary deforestation, shreds enough rain forest every 5 years to cover the nation of Greece. Humanity has drained half of all wetlands on the planet in favor of sustaining “livestock”. We lose 135 known planet/animal species to extinction each day and generate more CO2 emissions than the entire global human transit system creates through the aforementioned deforestation. This greenhouse gas statistic obviously does not even account for the methane emissions caused by animal agriculture.

“Livestock” animals consume 40% of all the fish(farmed and caught) which humanity touches, as fish are ground-up and added to their grain-feed. Incidentally, 50% of all the grain that humanity reaps is also fed to “livestock” animals. Yes, half of every grain cultivated by humanity is fed to livestock whilst coral reefs die off through temperature rise and ocean acidification, caused by greenhouse emissions mainly originating from the very animals that we enslave.

The planet is sucked dry in favor of our animal flesh/fluid addiction whilst children starve to death, you make up excuses for consuming your own children’s futures and animals suffer horrifically. Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t a child’s life supposed to be priceless? Would you not make sacrifices in your life to save the life of a child? What about the lives of 20,000 children each day? What about the future of every child on the planet, as well as the posterity of their children?

Your poor and destructive choices are directly impacting MY posterity and let me tell you something; I DON’T LIKE IT!

It is no wonder that humans care so little for other life forms on this planet, when the majority of our species does not even concern themselves with the future continuance of their own posterity long enough to face reality and evolve into a less self-destructive entity.

Anthony Damiano

Founder of AELLA

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